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Team DeHive
Apr 29th 2021

Beeeeees, something really exciting is coming!🔥

The DeHive team is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with EzDeFi. This partnership will bring a lot of benefits to the DeHive ecosystem and give a powerful boost to $DHV cross-chain adoption.

EzDeFi provides a non-custodial, decentralized multi-chain crypto wallet that makes crypto payments and transfers very fast and convenient. Moreover, the EzDeFi Wallet is just one of three pillars of the EzDefi ecosystem.

The wallet allows you to manage all of your cryptocurrencies, while still providing security for your assets. Additionally, the protocol allows for dApp integration and yield farming opportunities within the system.

The main benefits of this cooperation will include:

❇️ DeHive dApp integration into EzDeFi, so users will be able to purchase, redeem, trade and stake DeHive Index tokens easily right from their mobile wallet;

❇️ EzDefi will add DeHive Index and DHV tokens to the list of assets for management. Therefore users will be able to send, receive and hold the Index tokens using a single app provided by EzDeFi;

❇️ New staking pools to be launched for DeHive and ezDefi ecosystems participants.

Entering this partnership with EzDeFi is a strategic move that will surely reward both parties. Together we will support the wider adoption of both tokens in order to increase TVL and facilitate ecosystem growth.

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