DEV UPDATE #2 — Where are we now?

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Team DeHive
Jun 8th 2021
DEV UPDATE #2 — Where are we now?

Yet, we would like to sum up and remind you of the main achievements for the past month:

- Uniswap Listing

The first $DHV listing on secondary markets. Since that moment $DHV hit $7.23 all-time high which is 400% APY from the pre-sale price.

- Gate listing and DHV staking pool launch

According to the stats, the trading volume on hit $4.8 million while 30% of $DHV circulating supply was staked.

- NFTs

Our team wants to make an impact on the NFT market as well. We made a first little step by distributing and selling a few unique DeHive NFT Bees from our collections. Those Bees have custom features within the platform and allow for additional profits from the yield farming.

Check the full DeHive NFT collection🐝

- Partnership with DexTools

This is the great cooperation that will empower DeHive platform with the most outstanding real-time data analysis.

- BigCoin Capital partnership

A superstar Vietnamese community and culture enrichment that has been opened for us. Thanks to this cooperation we have created a separate chat for Vietnamese fellows and wide open for new local cooperation.

- ezDeFi partnership

ezDeFi is a decentralized wallet that is the closest to our spirit. It’s a perfect place to store DeHive indexes. Check the details of ezDeFi partnership to see for yourself.

- Unifarm collaboration

We are proud to join Cohort 8 of Unifarm and give a chance for our users to receive free tokens of the partnering projects.

The DHV staking on Unifarm has started on May 18 and will last for 3 months/ 90 days. You have a chance to enter this round even now! To make your participation as smooth as possible, so please go carefully through this detailed guide on How to Stake DHV on UniFarm.

- DeHive platform Alpha DEMO presentation

One of the main milestones for Q2 of 2021 was reached and the DeHive platform demo is ready to be shown. Check DeHive’s official YouTube channel for the presentation.

In this video, we have opened up a few core team members and basic functionality in order to show the initial results of our hard work. We are glad for your feedback and comments you leave, we hear every voice in our community.

Development achievements

The platform has passed through the Alpha Version:

✅index issuance and redemption has been finalized and tested on the Ethereum;

✅the design of the DeHive platform Alpha has been finished;

✅the team has finished the first version of the DeHive SDK (internal release), where the dApp gets the ability to fully contact with the platform’s contracts;

We are happy to share those achievements that have been done so far, yet we do not stop the dev wheel and continue our work. Now, as far as the Alpha version has passed the initial testing, we can implement and translate the core functionality to our DeHive Beta.

The platform release is targeted for July and there will be no prolongations.

In progress

🔷one of the largest updates is already coming — the team is working on the V2 design for the DeHive webpage and the dApp;

🔷SDK is in progress and is planned to go live together with the platform launch in July;

🔷the front-end team is working on the implementation of the updated screens and layouts upon the new architecture;

🔷the Solidity team is preparing the protocol for the mainnet testing and now works on the 1Inch integration for the Ethereum release.

🔷DeHive’s R&D department is working on the cross-chain abilities and on the bridge preparation. Cross-chain operations are one of our major goals in the roadmap, so we have started the work earlier to make sure that all milestones will be fulfilled on time.

We will not stop reminding you that security is our main priority, that’s why the code is still private — we want to perform all necessary security checks before publishing the code in July.

General updates

❇️After the Alpha release, we have listened to the feedback from the community, so we are working closely with UI designers to provide all necessary updates to the application frontend;

❇️The team has strengthened the work on the protocol’s security. We are aware of the series of the latest DeFi hacks within the BSC-based protocols, so we work closely with security specialists from Zokyo to make better protection.

❇️Timelines are very narrow and release deadline is close — so we have allocated additional resources from the Blaize development teams to strengthen the current power.

What’s next?

  • Design. The next version of the design is coming — brand supporting is as valuable as the code under it.
  • Beta launch. The blockchain team works untiringly to deliver the platform in time.
  • Cross-chain. We are actively researching cross-chain expansion opportunities and working on the bridges to other chains. The work is in progress, though we will publish all the results just till the Beta release.
  • Marketing. The marketing team is also growing, we will see better impact and community engagement activities within a short period of time.

The whole DeHive team is enormously thankful for the support you give to our project. We appreciate it very much! Preparing for the launch in July and coming back with the news very soon. Have a great day everyone 🐝💥

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