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Team DeHive
Jun 30th 2021

Please note, BETA is not the final version and the platform is still under construction.

The release of DeHive platform BETA version is a great opportunity to check the core platform functionality and gather feedback in order to enhance the user experience within our crypto hive. That is why we decided to make the release of this BETA closed. Thus, our team will work together with you, community, to perform testing before the main platform launch.

“The current market is slightly unfavorable towards new-born DeFis and shows instability. We want to build a high-quality product that we all can benefit from a long-lasting perspective, that is why security is our top priority in DeHive. Due to those facts, we decided to launch DeHive platform core functionality in two stages — beta launch (with the following adaptation and eventual adjustments) and main platform launch.

DeHive platform Beta is a first stage which will help us to get instant feedback from our active users and make a better UX for you. In addition, DeHive platform beta will be addressed to the potential marketing and strategic partners regarding their engagement during the main launch.

Tho, I see beta testing as a big advantage and opportunity for us to check the platform functionality at minimal loads and omit ‘testing in prod’ as some practice” — Sergey Onyshchenko, DeHive CEO

The WHITELIST registration for the Closed DeHive Beta Testing is available via the link ▶️ ◀️

🎁42 lucky participants will get exclusive access to DeHive Platform Beta;

🎁every user that gets in will receive NFT from DeHive Bees Collection that will give an additional percentage to the yield farming within the platform;

🎁ONE lucky winner will receive a unique NFT Bee that will give a one-time 1000 DHV bonus while staking within the platform.

The winners will be announced on July 13.

DeHive platform Beta🔥🔧 will reflect the core functionality of the platform Alpha version that will be live at the end of July. The following functionality will be available for testing:

✅Underlying tokens acquisition and DeHive Index issuing;

✅DeHive Index redemption;

✅DeHive Index staking;

✅Applied yield farming strategies;

✅Custom Index construction;

About DeHive_🐝_

DeHive is a multi-chain crypto hive full of the top DeFi tokens.DeHive provides an economically sound index of assets with additional yield from DeFi protocols.

The assets are combined and represented by an index or different indexes reflecting the state of different market segments. This index comprises leading DeFi assets that serve as a benchmark for the economic health of the crypto market in general. Therefore, such an index can be perceived as a tool for market assessment and reasonable DeFi portfolio management.

Hope for fruitful cooperation and better UX for our HIVE!🐝 Stay tuned for the following updates through our social media channels:

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