Dev Update #3

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Team DeHive
Jul 3rd 2021
Dev Update #3

The team is actively preparing the platform for the Beta Release on 15th of July. So, the main focus is on the core logic testing and polishing along with active development of the modules for DeFi protocols integration.

Development achievements

✅1Inch adapter is developed and integrated into the platform as the first source of swaps aggregation. This is the first adapter to DEXes and aggregators;

✅Smart-contract’s module for the integration with Polygon (Matic);

✅Updated front-end app, which works on new architecture;

✅SDK updated for the integration with new front-end app;

All features go to testing and internal auditing to ensure the secure work of the protocol.

In progress

As far as the Beta version will go live into the Ethereum mainnet, most of the ongoing procedures are connected with testing and upgrading the security of the platform.

🔷Mainnet fork testing of the protocol and core indexes functionality, so that developers can check the work of the platform in the conditions closest for the real;

🔷Intensive testing of the 1inch aggregator;

🔷Staking module and liquidity mining program development finalization (as it was planned according to the roadmap);

🔷Yield farming module is in progress and the RnD team is working on preparing the strategies for underlyings of the indexes.

In the current state of DeFi market — the team focuses on the economical and financial part of the protocol.

General updates

❇️UI is constantly updating — we remember the feedback from the Alpha release, so the front-end team has turned its main focus into it;

❇️RnD team continues to research and preparation of cross-chain abilities and operations since it is one of the main features of the project.

All of the best Blaize dev forces are allocated to DeHive platform development and testing — our top front-end developers and blockchain engineers.

What’s next?

Design. Remember, that our designers actively work on the V2 version of the DeHive UI. Several teasers coming soon.

Cross-chain. One of the major goals in the platform development is integration of several chains. That’s why our RnD team works on bridges and modules for other chains’ integration.

Guys, we appreciate your support and the whole DeHive team is enormously thankful for the support you give to our project. We work really hard to deliver the best project and to deliver it on time as we have planned so your trust is very important.

DeHive main platform launch is targeted at the end of July and is going to follow up the closed Beta testing which will start on July 15. Have a great day everyone, we will come with the other news very soon🐝💥

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