Dev Update #5

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Team DeHive
Aug 9th 2021
Dev Update #5

Development achievements

✅The first and main — successful Beta launch. We have tested the application, its interaction with smart-contracts, checked all places to improve;

✅The initial version of the cluster contract was successfully tested and deployed on the Ethereum network — so we have Eth-Core cluster;

✅The first iteration of the contracts set was sent to the external auditors to ensure their safety far before the release;

✅The front-end team has added Polygon (Matic) support to the application;

✅The front-end team actively works on the improvement of the app architecture.

All features go to testing and internal auditing to ensure the secure work of the protocol.

In progress

The beta release gave us a lot of fresh thoughts and showed several places which can be improved. Also, we have analyzed all the feedback, so our backlog has expanded.

🔷Since the app has complete Polygon support, we have concentrated our work on the Polygon cluster finalization. It has already been announced so we are working on the better routes for the underlyings;

🔷Cluster contract V2 is coming. Beta testing has shown us some points to improve, so as first feedback from auditors. Thus our Solidity team is improving the security of the contracts;

🔷Yield farming strategies are under development and active testing — we want to bring not only the value of the index but the profit from strategies as well. These two components make the cluster a great financial instrument;

🔷The team works on additional staking options, so the release will contain several earning options;

🔷Our DeFi experts work on several new defi tools to expand cluster functionality and break its limits.

All work is dedicated to fulfill the roadmap and complete the live V1release.

General updates

❇️Based on the results of Beta testing and feedback, we perform another round of UI improvement;

❇️Polygon (Matic) cluster is close to its release;

❇️The second iteration of the smart contracts update is in progress;

❇️DeFi component is the main priority for the closest timeframe.

We see the current market reverse in the right direction and make us a better environment for the initial V1 launch. We also decided to finish the platform functionality completely to launch on solid ground. A few final touches left💫

What’s next?

Polygon. Cross-chain is getting closer with every day. Matic is the first blockchain to be integrated into the app.

Yield farming. Our DeFi experts prepare yield farming options to fulfill the cluster’s functionality.

DeFI options. Additional staking and earning options are in the development. More features to be added to the cluster and the platform.

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