DeHive Partners with QuickSwap😱🥳

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Team DeHive
Aug 26th 2021
DeHive Partners with QuickSwap😱🥳

QuickSwap is a Polygon-native decentralized exchange based on the AMM model. Thanks to leveraging the layer-2 solution, QuickSwap allows its users to trade any ERC-20 assets with very low gas fees. QuickSwap is one of the biggest Polygon exchanges, so it represents the whole DEX segment of the Polygon ecosystem.

Due to our partnership:

  1. DeHive will use QuickSwap as solely AMM for purchasing and selling of underlyings for Polygon Clusters;
  2. DeHive will use more QUICK along with other underlyings in yield farming strategies for Polygon clusters;
  3. DHV will be officially listed on QuickSwap;
  4. DeHive will add QUICK token as a core for DeHive first Polygon Cluster — Polycluster;
  5. QuickSwap will open a reward pool for QUICK-DHV LP stakers with incentivization 3 QUICK per day;
  6. QuickSwap will add DHV incentivization to the Syrup pool.

💸 $QUICK/$DHV trading pair ➡️

👀 Watch $DHV on QuickSwap➡️

💰DHV-QUICK reward pool➡️

Expect a few more partnerships very soon and keep in touch with DeHive🐝 via our social media:

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