😱🔥DeHive platform is LIVE🥳🔥

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Team DeHive
Aug 27th 2021
😱🔥DeHive platform is LIVE🥳🔥

After successfully closing beta, conducting two security audits and platform enhancement in terms of UX we are ready to release DeHive platform V1 with all the essential features for acquiring DeHive Clusters, staking, yield farming, and DHV staking.

Thou, the platform V1 will include the following features enabled at launch:

PROCEED TO THE DEHIVE APP👉🏼https://app.dehive.finance

About DeHive🐝

DeHive is a multi-chain crypto hive full of the top DeFi tokens.DeHive provides an economically sound index of assets with additional yield from DeFi protocols.

The assets are combined and represented by an index or different indexes reflecting the state of different market segments. This index comprises leading DeFi assets that serve as a benchmark for the economic health of the crypto market in general. Therefore, such an index can be perceived as a tool for market assessment and reasonable DeFi portfolio management.

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