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DeHive helps anyone gain the maximum possible annual yield on cryptocurrencies even if you have zero experience in trading.

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DeHive Cluster is a Yield Generating Crypto Index that unites the best performing tokens into one basket. Every Cluster is carefully composed by our experts to reflect a particular market segment and bring maximum profit. DeHive Clusters currently operate on four blockchains - Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Gnosis and Polygon.

Users can stake and farm Clusters on the DeHive platform and earn a yield on the assets in the index. Learn more about Clusters and the technology behind them here.

Auto-compound interest on DeFi

DeHive Impulse is an innovative tool that facilitates trading, helps users diversify and accumulate their crypto portfolio. It is based on the principle of automatic compound interest and works by adding users’ LPs or other assets interest to the initial investment, thus enabling interest on interest and boosting profit.

DeHive Impulse does not have any real access to users’ funds, which enables higher security. The funds are stored on the exchange where users create LPs or other assets pairs, while our tool automatically adds new tokens to the initial investment and maximizes profit. Learn more about Impulse technology here.

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Why choose DeHive?

DeHive protocol allows you to wrap your funds into a single crypto-hive full of top DeFi crypto assets. Let the protocol bring you the honey of yield farming and passive income!

The protocol provides crypto indexes of selected tokens presented on the DeFi market. Underlying currencies are securely stored in the smart contract of the protocol while you retain full transparency and control over your assets.

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Team behind DeHive

DeHive is an in-house project fully developed and maintained by the Blaize team that helped numerous companies enter the blockchain market. Learn more on our official website.

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