One token. The wholeDeFi market

  • BUY in one click.
  • HOLD in one index.
  • EARN in one moment.

Fully decentralized

Customizable crypto index

Market regulated

Economically justified


DeHive protocol gives you an opportunity to wrap your funds into a single crypto-hive full of top DeFi crypto assets. Let the protocol bring you the honey of yield farming and passive income!

The protocol provides crypto indexes of selected tokens presented on the DeFi market.

Underlying currencies are securely stored in the smart contracts of the protocol while the user has a full transparency of balances of his assets.

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Enter in ONE step

Get one index representing the complete crypto-basket simply, in a single operation. No need of additional interactions with intermediary platforms.

Get maximized yield

The system of smart contract uses the most optimal strategy for depositing underlying funds to the yield farming protocols allowing to generate the maximal profit. Your funds are still remain under your control with completely transparent actions.

Secure your funds

Index contains tokens in proportion determined by strong economical equitions to reflect the actual weights of the selected assets. This helps to reduce the risk of price fluctuation and provide the user with secure asset storage.

Meet the team

Who builds DeHive? DeHive is an in-house project fully developed and maintained by Blaize team that helped numerous project to enter blockchain market. Visit to know more.

How it works ?

The user makes an initial contribution in ETH along with supporting amount of DHV tokens
The platform accepts ETH and sends DHV to the treasury for protocol development
The in-built oracles check for the actual prices of the index's underlying cryptocurrencies
Smart contract issues the crypto-index to the user in the amount corresponding to the recalculation of the weights of the selected underlying crypto assets
The protocol algorithm redeems the underlying assets and securely stores them on the platform assigned to the user



    The fist stage will be concentrated on the product MVP development and tokensale rounds. The pre-sale and public tokensale will take place in March

  • PLATFORM LAUNCH: July 2021

    The next stage will cover the fisrt DeHive Index issuing in July. Staking and liquidity mining opportunities along with the second DeHive Index is planned for the Q3 2021.


    The stage is planned for the end of Q3 - middle of Q4 2021. The stage will include DAO development, new set of native indexes, custom indexes fabric. In addition, MVP for Binance Chain integration is planned for the end of September.


    The following stage will take the Q4 2021 and concentrate on the NFT Index issuing. In parallel, the team will work on integration with the Avalanche chain and Polkadot ecosystem. The initial set up on Binance Chain is planned for the end of Q4 2021 - beginning of Q1 2022.