Who builds DeHive?

DeHive is a DeFi asset management platform that provides yield-generating crypto indexes and staking pools that enable automatic compound interest. With these DeFi tools, the platform allows users to maximize their profit with minimum effort.

DeHive is built and fully maintained by Blaize, a blockchain development company and a smart contract auditing firm with 5+ years of experience in the market.

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Who builds DeHive
Mike Morhulets

At DeHive, we believe that anyone should benefit from DeFi regardless of their age, experience, or location. That’s why we’ve created the platform with multiple financial instruments to help you get stable passive income. It’s not about spending hours on DEXes DEXes anymore — it’s all about choosing the right tool. So let DeHive be this right tool you.

Mike MorhuletsDeHive Chief Executive Officer
Mike Morhulets

Our mission

DeHive supports the idea of a decentralized financial system and wants to contribute by building economically justified and authentic crypto indexes.

Our mission is to facilitate global DeFi adoption by creating simple and efficient instruments for crypto traders. We believe that only with highly secure and easy-to-use tools that bring stable passive profit, we can make DeFi available to the mass audience.

Our Team

Sergey Onyshchenko
Sergey Onyshchenko

Sergey is a blockchain enthusiast contributing and engaging heavily in building a decentralized society. Co-Founder and current CEO of Blaize, an outsourcing blockchain development company. Former CBDO of GEO Protocol.

Mike Morhulets
Mike Morhulets
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mike was offered the CEO position due to his outstanding career achievements and explicit knowledge of the DeFi and crypto market. He has overseen operational and marketing departments for multiple projects, including GeoProtocol and Innovecs.

Pavel Horbonos
Pavel Horbonos
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Pavel is a Blockchain Solutions Architect with 5+ years of experience in C++, Solidity, and Rust. He is a current lead of DeFi analytics and blockchain security teams at Blaize and a blockchain solution architect at Zokyo.

Alex Korobeinikov
Alex Korobeinikov
Head of Product

Alex is a Blockchain Solutions Architect and R&D Engineer focused on complex blockchain technologies. He has worked on 11 blockchains and built and successfully delivered 70+ projects with DLT as the core component.

Pasha Bergman
Pasha Bergman
Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Pasha is a current CBDO at DeHive with more than four years of experience with creating and promoting blockchain projects. Former CCO at Lab3M, TRON. Pasha connects people, combining his technical and business background in order to push ideas to success.

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