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Team DeHive
Jul 13th 2021

Check the new DeHive website 🥳👉🏼

While working on the beta version of the DeHive platform we have been continuously integrating new features and fixing some issues. And now, when we are almost ready to release the final beta, we can reveal the new UI as well.

The DeHive website is the first thing users see on their way to discover our hive. Also, this is a vital part of our presentation to potential partners and future investors. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into making the new UI more comprehensive and deep with the core idea of the DeHive project and DHV token utility on the market.

Hope you like it!🐝🤩

Our creative team is continually looking for new ways of improvement and rely on your feedback. If you want to give us some hints or just leave a comment, please visit our Telegram chat and share your opinion with us.

**More to add, the DeHive beta dapp will be also presented in a new design and available for testing on July 15 already!**🚀

We believe that there is always a place for improvement and that no design is ever finished but this is solid ground for the new door DeHive will open very soon! Stay tuned….

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